photo: Steven Holland

Current PhD candidates

Rhiannon LaVine. Thesis: “The macroevolutionary role of developmental constraints in clade diversification” (Advisor: Webster) 

Caitllin Meadows. Thesis: “Community-level biotic response to increasing climate variability during the last 200 years: steady and warming conditions on the open shelf of the North Pacific Arctic” (Advisor: Kidwell)

Samuel Miller. Thesis: “Protein-level functional analysis of tundra soil microbial communities: Development of environmental proteomics in soil and sediment and analysis of microbial controls on the Arctic soil carbon cycle” (Advisor: Waldbauer)

Peter Tierney. Thesis: “Role of spatial heterogeneity in marine benthic diversity and origination rates, Ordovician-Devonian reefs of eastern North America” (Advisor: Kidwell)

Matthew Witte. Thesis: “Developmental homeostasis in deep time and its implications for phenotypic variation and evolution” (Advisor: Webster)

Pre-candidacy students: David Černý, Broc Kokesh, Rachel Laker, Anna Wisniewski